Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

Want to see the oldest and biggest museum in New York City ? The Brooklyn Museum has a vast history that’s not only rich but ever changing since the start.

If one can understand - and appreciate - the evolution of museums, they’d realize museums are akin to a living thing: there’s always some change will some things remain constant. Like the art and culture that is shown in museums, as long as the arts - be it paint, photograph, avantgarde - continue to grow and keep people fascinated, a museum will continue to grow, to change.

In fact, the museum’s beginnings are quite humble, beginning in 1823 as the Brooklyn Apprentice’s Library for new tradesmen to learn. At first established in Brooklyn Heights (where Walt Whitman was actually a librarian), it was soon moved to the Brooklyn Lyceum in 1841.

When the Library and Lyceum merged to become the Brooklyn Institute, which decided that it needed more than just varied lectures, but also sculptures and exhibitions for people to enjoy as they learned. In 1846, they planned to make it a permanent fixture to the Institute.

Alterations continued at length, as well as additions such as the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Children’s Museum, Museums of African and European Art, Museum of Libraries and Archives, and Arts of Asia and the Islamic World. It’s safe to say that from the humble beginning w

e have a comprehensive museum, which continues to grow, and hosts exhibitions on almost every floor. The exhibitions are a vital part of the museum, seeing that art is a universe unto itself. The Brooklyn Museum realizes this and strives to keep abreast. The types of exhibitions range from classic paintings and sculptures to abstract paintings, sculptures, physical representation as well Agitpop!, Pop culture, amongst other things. And while they frequently hold exhibitions and rotate them; for instance, Tom Sachs’ Boombox Retrospective will go on tour so that the exhibit: Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to Present, which will then give way the Iggy Pop Life Class. You can see where that’s going .

Brooklyn Museum of New York

However; the Museum also carries long-term exhibitions, as well. The American and Ancient Egyptian Arts. Exhibitions like the Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden and European Arts are always on long term display.

And one has to remember: a museum is no longer just sitting around looking at pictures. They also host lectures and film festivals as well as dinner events, galas, and ceremonies. The museum of today is becoming a place where you can go and see beautiful works of art, sit in the cafe and eat. Take a walk in the garden on a nice day and relax. See a lecture or classic film, access the library. It all depends on what you want to experience, and at the Brooklyn Museum, you’ll most likely find it.

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Brooklyn Museum
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Brooklyn (Crown Heights)
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